Daniel Spine
Трах-Бах! Эмоции через край! Вот оно! То, чего мне так долго недоставало!
Чтобы кто-нибудь взял, да и озвучил все мое сраное время в одном тексте.

My life's a mess and I'm depressed.
The answer isn't soberness.

Surrounded by the happy ones...
FUCK! I wanna crack their skulls!

Happy couples hugging & kissing
In front of my eyes
just to show what I'm missing

Things are fine and life is good.
Just gimme a gun and I will shoot.

Happy people, they must die!
Do you wanna know why?

Cause they're ruining my day!!!!
That's why they have to pay.

That's it. I've had it, I've had enough.
I had no chance to choose.

Guess I am born to lose
Life's a bitch, cut your wrists and join me when I say...

Smile to me and I'll spit in your face.
Antisocial for the rest of my days.

Kiss the world and hug a tree...
So full of shit i can't believe.

Tell me I'm fucked up, tell me I'm wrong.
Hate this song.
Don't sing along.

Go ahead, walk the sunny side.
I'll pass out in the snow with a bottle by my side.